Play the Peggle Online Slot - Claim Bonus Here

Max payout: 25,000x > Bonuses: Yes > Volatility: Medium > RTP 95.15%

For the slots player, this game packs more action than the video game original, thanks to a top cash payout of 25,000x. 

We are not talking about busting pegs here, because the Peggle slots is all about the multipliers, extras and potential cash that can emerge from it all.

About Peggle Slot

Play Peggle at an online casino to experience the edgy version of the game. This is a very dynamic reel adventure and isn’t for the faint of heart. The sheer number of paylines and the bonus features warrant a dedicated play for a chance to win serious cash prizes.

Peggle slot is all about the Institute where you can embark on a mission to complete tasks in return for multipliers and cash wins. A free spins bonus feature is available too where the odds of scoring wins are somewhat better compared to the base game.

Bjorn the unicorn was the master of Peggle, the peg-busting game that got pretty famous when it came out in 2007. Years later the game is still played, either out of nostalgia or because it indeed had a fifth element of its own that made it so entertaining. 

Peggle Slot Facts and Figures

Pack your ball bearings if you are are ready to crush the game, because this reel adventure takes place on 50 selectable paylines. The smallest bet per line is one penny, which warrants a bet per spin that is rather high – at 0.50 for each turn, if you choose to play Peggle slot on all 50. 

The reel-set consists of the four rows and five reels. Regardless of the bet per line amount, players can play on the number of selected paylins and this reflects adequately on the Total Bet amount. 

Peggle Slots Payouts

Win outcomes are made with three or more symbols of the same kind, however Peggle offers few symbols that can pay with only two of a kind. These outcomes must start on the leftmost reel. As it goes, the more paylines are active when you play Peggle, the better the chances are that you aren’t going to miss out on the wins posting anywhere on reel-set. 

The Peggle game logo comes stacked on the reel whenever it appears in the game. Five of these symbols on a payline pays 10x on the winning bet. Four of the same pay 5x. The game logo symbol pays for twos as well.

Next in terms of value is the ball bearing with angel wins and that with the devil’s horns. These symbols pay 8x on the winning bet for five of the same. 

Peggle Jackpot

Those who are really lucky can get a sequence of events that can raise the payouts up to 25,000x on the winning bet. Hitting that amount is a theoretical possibility, however, scoring outcomes like 5000x or 10,000x are a possibility that may as well occur on one of your spins. 

The Peggle bonuses can help towards these outcomes, while the tasks that can be completed in the “Institute” can sustain your account. In that regard Peggle slot strikes a fine balance between the slim symbol payouts and the abundance of bonuses.

Peggle Bonus Features

The peggles, which are the stack of ball bearings on the left of the screen, are tokens of sorts. These can be used to hold your winnings so that you can tilt the odds in your favor of winning the Peggle bonus. 

Each winning outcome lets you a peggle. The more you stack these the better your chances become. Part of the bonus features are the various tasks. If you end up getting 15 dead spins you get a peggle, five wins in a row get you a peggle. 

When you complete all 10 ribbons in the Peggle Masters scheme, Peggle slot gives you perks. Click on each ribbon to view the details and unlock the bonus. 

Peggle Free Spins

The free spins bonus is granted when you get three of those Extreme Fever symbols on the reel-set. In the event, you get to view the real play Peggle action such as that in the video game. 

As you clear the tasks and get the ribbons to your favor, the game will reflect a reel modifier during the bonus. 

One of these modifiers can lock a set of reels, another can cause the wild to stick, third can create a colossal symbol, and so on. 

Peggle Slot Hit Rate

Blueprint Gaming have given this game a nice theoretical return to player, so the Peggle RTP is at 95.15%. That’s one per cent above the average. The volatility is medium, which means there is a balance in the odds of getting small and big wins from an indeterminate number of spins. 

Ready? Set! Play Peggle

It’s simple. Load your balance for the Peggle slots and take a ride with Bjorn the unicorn, as he can teach you the secrets of becoming a Peggle master. 

Hit the green Spin button underneath the third reel to set the reels spinning. To choose the bet per line work the minus and plus arrows on the left side of the bottom.

Visual Appeal

If you have played Peggle you will recognize some of the details and if you haven’t, that’s fine because this game plays like any good slot out there. 

The gameplay is dynamic because there is a lot going on thanks to the tasks and bonuses. Blueprint have made a fun to play game which is still in-demand. There is a reason for this, so maybe you should play Peggle yourself to see what’s the big deal. 

The rest of the symbols pay lesser amounts. Besides the cards, nine to ace, there are two trophies – silver and gold – that are the yin and yang symbol with wings.