Fruity Burst Jackpot Slots

Max payout: £100,000.00 > Bonuses: Cluster Wins > Volatility: High > RTP 92,99%

Ah, the Fruity Burst Jackpot slot, the strange and secretly admired game which entails mushing fruits in return for cash prizes. That premise sounds familiar and the 5000x on the winning stake sounds delicious.

How many fruit-themed slots are out there? Too many to count, and they all look almost the same, no matter how stunning the graphics are. But the game at hand is a jackpot sequel to another game of the same name, which also has a hefty jackpot. 

Both games (but especially Fruity Burst) are low-key, fun to play and are practically hidden gems in the world of online slots. We’ll let you in on the details why.

About Fruity Burst Jackpot Slot

Play Fruity Burst Jackpot slot

The makers of this game are Playtech – a well-known company that has mastered the art of making amazing slots. However, Fruity Burst seems a bit tired in terms of the graphics design. So what’s the ‘catch’? I mean, is there a ‘catch’? 

Of course not. It’s plain and simple – get as many fruits on the grid as possible to score payouts. There are six symbols on the paytable, but one of these symbols is the mighty old cherry and brings a luscious cash prize with only a handful of the same.

Fruity Burst Jackpot Facts and Figures

This fruit-stand of a slot game has five horizontal and five vertical rows. Of course they make for a grid of 25 squares which are filled with the fruit symbols – each of which has its own name. But that’s of no significance, because what we care about is how payouts are made and what sums they can bring in. 

Fruity Burst Jackpot Slot Payouts

As it can be expected for a grid-based game, the payout mechanism awards prizes when the symbols form rows or clusters of the same kind. The smallest wins are made with five fruits. 

Oranges and apples in fives pay half the bet amount, the blackberry pays back the bet and the lemon doubles it. On the other hand, five strawberries pays 7.5x on the stake. 

Let’s go few looks up the ladder where wins of ten symbols with the orange pay double the stake. The apple pays 4x, blackberry pays a whole lot of 15x and the lemon pays 75x. Ten strawberries pay an amazing 50x on the stake. 

And this is why Fruity Burst slot is one of the hidden gems in the world of online slots. The payouts are absolutely stunning, but you have to hold out a while to wait for the odds to iterate clusters of seven, eight, nine or more symbols.

Fruity Burst Jackpot

We eased in the fact that the cherry is a very valuable symbol, because it pays for five, six or seven of the same. The said instances bring 50x, 500x and a whopping 2000x prize, respectively. Any number of cherries that tops these numbers awards the game’s jackpot of $, €, £ 100,000.00

If we look at it as a symbol that pays the biggest amount of money for the least number of appearances, the cherries are the most valuable symbol. The accolade of the most valuable of the regular symbols goes to the strawberry. Fruity Burst slot pays 1000x for 15 and the game’s small jackpot prize of 5000x for 16 or more of these symbols.

The paytable lists the progression of the jackpot prize according to the triggering bet. If you win it with ten pennies on the bet, the return is going to be 2% of 100,000.00. Win it with $,€,£ 1.00 bet and the prize is 20% of the said sum.

The biggest bet is ‘only’, if you will,  $,€,£ 5.00 per turn, but the return in the event of triggering the jackpot is maximum, at 100%.

Fruity Burst Bonus Features

Surprise, surprise! There aren’t any bonus features in this game. There weren’t any in the first edition of the game and there aren’t any in the jackpot version. Not a big deficiency, because the game is meant to offer plain old action on 25 squares on the grid and at low-stakes amounts too – amazing for a jackpot game.

Game  Hit Rate

The theoretical return to player amount is 92,99% of the money after an unspecified number of spins, which could be 30 or 50 or 200. It all depends on the random number generation. But this ‘low’ RTP reflects the reality that Fruity Burst Jackpot is precisely that, a game that can shake out huge amounts on the winning stake. Conversely, the volatility is unknown, as it very likely fluctuates between low and medium. 

Ready? Set! Play!

Choose your bet between $,€,£ 0.10 and $,€,£ 5.00 per spin and hit the spin button on the right-hand side of the reels. Fruity Burst Jackpot has an autoplay mode and the menu and paytable can be accessed in the top left corner button. 

Visual Appeal

There isn’t much to woo you here and this is what so many players love about this game. It’s plain, it’s straight to the point, and has the potential to pay big without the pots and whistles being the bonus features, random reel modifiers and the such. Just good old slot game that is a good old shoot ‘em up equivalent in the world of action games.

Don’t forget, we’re talking about a jackpot prize of $,€,£ 100,000.00 with a lucky lottery ticket of $,€,£ 5.00.