Red Tiger Dice Dice Dice slot

Max payout: 5497x > Bonuses: Lucky Dice Respin; Multipliers> Volatility: Medium-High > RTP 94.69% > Company: Red Tiger Gaming |

Few people can resist the beauty of a classical slots machine, made with an immaculate silver and gold finish, complete with a lever on the right.

Rightfully so, you can call such a machine a one armed bandit if you will, but that depends on how you make out from sitting down for a number of spins on the Dice Dice Dice slot.

Sounds like a modern slot to us, as does the maximum exposure of 5497x multiplied by the winning bet.

About Dice Dice Dice Slot

Dice Dice Dice slots has a classical slot machine layout

The slots experts at this company have a way of making their productions appear unique. The same can be said about Dice Dice Dice, even though it belongs in the ‘Retro Slots’ department.

Nevertheless, appearances oughtn’t sway anyone. Pro and casual players will likely find the game charming and appealing, not least for its looks. Dice Dice Dice slot is a full reel adventure with one strikingly busy feature: the Wilds and win multipliers of up to 25x.

Dice Dice Dice Facts and Figures

The layout boasts of three rows and five reels which spin on ten paylines. These are always active so no matter the size of the bet, you’ll see fruits and sevens and diamonds flying on the drum and stopping for the potential wins in a fun-loving manner.

As we stated, the potential maximum payout on Dice Dice Dice online slot is more than 5000x which is such a welcome thing to have, seen in the view of the medium to high variance. This spells out big wins potential, which doesn’t have to reach the finish line of 5000x plus. Halfway there is good enough by any standard.

You can play Dice Dice Dice online, on your personal computer or on a mobile or tablet device, keeping all options open at any good casino that you may find on the site.

Dice Dice Dice Payouts

The Dice Dice Dice paytable; check out the red hot sevens.

When it comes to the payouts, the three by five layout avails three symbol wins that must start on the leftmost reel and go on uninterrupted to the end.

Symbols worthy of seeing on the drum as frequently as possible are the sevens, diamonds and bells. These pay 150x, 100x and 70x, respectively, for five matching on a payline.

Also, don’t mind the ten paylines. This isn’t a limiting factor in the game at hand, because lucky players can gain multiple wins from a single spin.

If unsure where this possibility exists, try the Dice Dice Dice demo slot and make up your mind whether you want to try with real money.

Dice Dice Dice Slot Jackpot

Let’s bring around that figure back again: 5497x on the winning bet. This is a theoretical possibility which has been clocked in at the testing rounds that each online slot must rigorously go under, as part of all of the safety and fairness frameworks found in Europe and North America.

Those who play Dice Dice Dice slot for the long term may not come to witness this figure ever, but payouts leading up to it are possible, likely, with the help of the extra feature, which is the lucky dice feature with the multipliers that can get up to 25x.

Dice Dice Dice Bonus Features

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No scatter bonus symbols means no free spins, so instead we have the lucky dice feature. When that dice is part of a winning payline, it will roll and award a win multiplier to the number that shows on the facing side.

Those multiplies can cross-multiply if there is more than one dice on the payline. Hence, there is a maximum of 25x on the winning outcome.

Then there are the respins. We said no Dice Dice Dice free spins but we have to say a Yes to the respins. This feature is randomly activated and when it happens the chances for getting the lucky dice are greater compared to the base game.

Also, all dice on the reels increase the total win multiplier, which is where the big win potential lies.

Dice Dice Dice Hit Rate

For a game with high payout potential we get a matching theoretical return to player of 94.69%. Not too bad, not too awesome. The variance (volatility) is between medium and high. To our awareness this means big win potentials are there, but in reality these aren’t going to be huge wins, and the wait between win outcomes of any kind is likely to be smaller.

Ready? Set! Play!

Hit the yellow round button in the bottom right to have the drum spin once per the stake. Toggle on Turbo to have the reels spin faster. Gamble button lets you take the wins to the gambling table in a guessing game that can double each win iteration.

There is the Auto play that lets you configure the automatic spins and the Stake button lets you choose bets between 10p and $, €, £ 150.00.

Visual Appeal

This is a Red Tiger Gaming production that hails from an era where slots machines were simple. In this case, simple? Not so much, as the game in front of you has not three but five reels and three positions.

Dice Dice Dice slots has a strong visual appeal. Symbols glean over and shine and the dice spins to match its stated effect. Wins are announced in a ball of fire and there is a cool soundtrack that you can have on during your adventure on these classical reels.

Want to try Dice Dice Dice? Claim a bonus and see how your luck fares towards the maximum potential of 5497x.