Play Multifly! Slots

Max payout: 10,000x > Bonuses: Multipliers, Free Spins; Added wilds> Volatility: High > RTP 96.30% > Company: Yggdrasil Gaming |

A jungle adventure of simple appearances has been concocted by Yggdrasil Gaming. By the looks of it, most people will just pass it by, but Multifly! slot has a mighty machine behind the googly chameleons, because it is Multi-fly, get it? 

So here are the basics. Multifly! is a high variance affair that offers a sizeable payout and a bonus feature with rising multipliers, while the base game is a solid cascading wins payout mechanism.

About Multifly! Slot

Multifly! is a cascading winds slot with 243 ways to win

Yggdrasil Gaming have been busy at work creating online slots that stand apart from the rest. Isn’t that what everyone is after in the high-paced world of online casino games production?

That’s in the affirmative, but what is also valid is that there is a heap of slots that look amazing but offer little to satisfy those going after big wins.

Multifly! slot doesn’t bother much with the premise. You are in a jungle that seems to be populated by chameleons of different colors, which seem to be the providers of those much-anticipated multipliers.

Multifly! Facts and Figures

The reel-set consists of three rows and five reels that spi across 243 ways to win. Wins are made on consecutive reels if the win outcome of three matching symbols starts on the left reel.

Multifly! doesn’t stop there in terms of the payouts. The 243 ways also offer cascading wins, which means the matching symbols that ring-up the wins are deducted from the reels to allow for a new set of symbols to drop down in those positons.

Needless to say, Yggdrasil Gaming have enabled multiple wins resulting from the same lucky spin, which is evident in the base game as well as in the free spins bonus. It is there that things get way more energetic.

Multifly! Slot Payouts

Multifly! paytable
Each wild adds a multiplier on the respective reel

The payout mechanism requires three, four or five matching symbols to post on consecutive reels. The symbol’s position on the row therefore does not matter. More than one symbol type can form a win outcome resulting from any given spin.

We described how the dropdown feature works, nothing new there, but there is one tiny detail that can make a big difference in the game.

Each time Multifly! slot drops down a win outcome, the following drop of new symbols will come with an extra wild symbol. That’s neat. The more wins you get from the same spin, the more wild symbols are going to stop on the reel-set. Each wild adds a +1 on the multiplier meter on the respective reel. 

Neither the wild or the scatter-bonus symbols pay any amounts. On the other hand, the paying symbols aren’t going to impress you with their respective payouts. That is, if you’ve forgotten about the extra features and the payout mechanics.

Therefore, the parrot symbol and it’s 4x on the winning bet sits just fine in the greater scheme of things. The toucan pays 3x and the  frogger pays 2x, as does the salamander.

Just two in the class of low paying symbols can pay back the bet or give slightly more. That is for five matching symbols, as the numbers above apply to fivers throughout.

Multifly! Slot Bonus Features

Like we said, cascading wins, multipliers, added wilds. That’s the type of a game we’d love to play any day. When it comes to the bonus features, it is the free spins game where all the losing spins and near-misses may redeem your patience.

The Multifly! slot free spins are triggered with three scatters, which is the chameleon symbol. If you’ve registered any multipliers in the base game that triggered the bonus, they do not reset. Repeating: all multipliers carry over in the bonus feature.

The more wilds you get in it, the more multipliers are added to the respective reel, which is where the wild had fallen.

Multifly! Jackpot

The theoretical maximum payout that’s been measured by Yggdrasil and their independent auditors ends with 10,000x. That’s the cap, multiplied by the triggering bet, whose maximum is 75quid, which translates to a sizable amount of money.

Realistically the chances for hitting that amount are beyond rare, which doesn’t mean that anything halfway to that isn’t possible to occur. Multifly! slots offers multipliers and there virtually no end to those.

A free spins bonus and many wilds following multiple consecutive drops is where the game can shake out its jackpot amounts.

Multifly! Hit Rate

The game’s hit rate is weak. No two ways about it. After all, it is a game of high volatility, which is to say big wins are possible, albeit at a prolonged wait – and if these come to occur at all in your sitting on this game.

The theoretical return to player is 96.30% which is above average and can get your hopes slightly up that playing Yggdrasil’s Multifly! online slot long-term may somehow pay off.

Ready? Set! Play!

Start spinning with the push of the big green button under the reels. To the right is the button for autoplay and in the left corner are all the displays showing the coin value, cash bet and the number of ways to win.

Choose your bet from the Coin Value window. The minimum that you can draw from the balance is 10p per spin while the maximum is $, €, £ 75.00.

Visual Appeal

Yggdrasil have done a great job with the graphics design. The game has a lively dynamic to it and nice animated details. The chameleons extend their sticky tongues to tap those fireflies and the multipliers zap on the winning outcomes. One thing is sure, graphics don’t bore a bit.

Multifly! Slot is hot and is going to remain so in the time ahead. Play it with a bonus offer for a chance to get the most of your gaming experience.