Max payout: 5,000x > Bonuses: Free Spins; Respins> Volatility: Med-Hi> RTP 96.21% > Company: NetEnt|

NetEnt are quick to quip to the innovation in gameplay and payout mechanisms that have emerged out there – expanding reels, sliding reels, megaways-like spin-offs and so on.

They’ve made the Gods of Gold InfiniReels slot which bears the InfiniReels trademarked designator, which is a thing of its own that makes for a new attempt at a more exciting igaming action. So let’s check this thing out.

About Gods of Gold InfiniRfeels Slot

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Gods of Gold Bonus

The game at hand is about a set of gods that know squat about kindness. That is if you make judgement of their faces. On the other hand there are the values that are ascribed for the win outcomes which can start with three symbols and end with ten.

Gods of Gold InfiniReels has an Arabesque theme but the gods are a bric-a-brac of civilizations. Although there is little damn to give about this kind of a detail, you’ll have to stare at these mugs for the time you play, if you decide to roll with the Gods of Gold.

Gods of Gold InfiniReels Facts and Figures

So, let’s start at where the game begins – the three by three layout. This setup has 27 ways to pay but these aren’t fixed and neither are the reels.

Each winning outcome is made with three matching symbols, which results in another reel to become attached to the right. if that reel turns up a symbol that matches the three, or a wild, another reel gets added, and so ad infinitum. Or in NetEnt parliance, until InfiniReels.

Gods of Gold InfiniReels Slot Payouts

Gods of Gold InfiniReels paytable

The payouts are a bitter-sweet epic about these mean gods. Only the most rewarding symbol can return the bet that has been staked, while all other symbols shoot way under, with the next to last, that of the golden goddess, paying just 0.5x for three.

This is kind of expected, but then, the game starts with three reels, which puts you in a precarious situation that may not elevate your potential for a big win, unless you get three or four reels in succession with one of the high-paying symbols.

Gods of Gold InfiniReels slot does reward sweetly with six or seven symbols and more. The symbol of the Aztec emperor pays 160x for ten matching symbols, which is quite a sweet reward.

The remaining picture symbols pay between 32x, 48x and 64x respectively for ten of the same and 1x, 1.5x and 2x for five of the same. So you can see how the top payouts with five symbol on a standard layout pay in comparison to a game that can produce wins with ten or more symbols.

Gods of Gold InfiniReels Bonus Features

Gods of Gold InfiniReels bonus

What would a slot game do without a bonus feature? Well, Gods of Gold has few and they make up for all those low payouts. Of course, the “trick” of the game is to get consecutive wins, which adds more reels and this increases the number of ways to pay and the potential payouts.

In between this gameplay feature are the reel modifiers. There are two of these. One is a standard respin that can trigger at random  when the sequence of wins has just come to a halt. When it does trigger, a ghoulish tzar hovers above the last reel in the set and works his magic to produce a guaranteed win.

The NetEnt Gods of Gold InfiniReels has another reel modifier which is the respin on steroids, so to call it. The Multi Slam feature adds either two or three reels at the end of a win sequence, to produce, again, a guaranteed win.

 Then there are the free spins. Triggered by the sun scattered symbol stopping in three positions, the game doles out what are called Win Spins, and ten in number. These are guaranteed wins with each spin. In addition, if another scatter stays in view, Gods of Gold adds five extra spins.

Gods of Gold InfiniReels Jackpot

According to the production company, the game at hand packs a mighty punch of 5000x multiplied by the bet that triggered the win. What kind of a sequence warrants this payout is not explicitly told, but we could guess it has to do with many free spins iterations and many reel modifiers along the way.

All the while, the symbols that do the paying are the high pictures, which spit out wins with ten of the same. Nevertheless, wins of even halfway the amount of 5000x may count for an extraordinary prize.

Hit Rate

This is a medium to high volatility slot, which means those on a jackpot safari may stay alive to see a real big win occuring, while those who play casually can see any wins posting without too many dead spins in-between. The Return to Player outcome sits at 96.21% which is quite good and above the average.

Ready? Set! Play!

Start your adventure by selecting your wager first. press the button in the bottom, at the left of center area, to choose your coin value which is extrapolated across a fixed bet of 10. That means the smallest wager is €, $, £ 0.20 and the maximum is €, $, £ 200.00 per spin.

 Let the reels roll by pressing the Spin button in the very middle of the bottom. Fast forward the drum’s spinning by pushing the button with the FF symbol., Care to take on Gods of Gold InfiniReels slots hands free? Turn on the Autoplay feature and let the game do its own thing. You have to choose the bet per spin and enjoy the show.

Visual Appeal

NetEnt have made one of their signature slots. Not much has changed in terms of the quality of the graphics. This is always recognizable thanks to the artistic style, but besides that, the game is quite dynamic, with reels getting added on, and symbols flashing to mark the adjacent reel positions, and there is that ghost of a tzar who works his magic on the reels. All in all, it is a primer for a visually engaging game.

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