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Max payout: 10,000x > Bonuses: Free Spins; Multipliers> Volatility: Medium-High> RTP 96.45% > Company: ReelPlay/Relax Gaming |

Reel Play are not the first studio to utilize the Infinity Reels type of payout mechanism, but they have surely incorporated it in a marvelous way in the game at hand. The company comes from Relax Gaming’s suit of companies, so expectations about the quality of the gaming experience are high.

Giza Infinity Reels slot abounds in multipliers, features and even a gamble wheel. Of course, the highlight of the game is its ability to add concurrent reels that follow each additional winning outcome.

About Giza Infinity Reels Slot

The result of Infinity Reels multiplier at the Free Spins bonus

ReelPlay are a group of slots developers that have a knack for pushing their own limits. They are responsible for the El Dorado Infinity Reels slot but didn’t want to leave it at that. The natural result was a game in the same vein, but a different coating.

Giza Infinity Reels slot takes the player to the mysterious realm of Ancient Egypt, where deities like Anubis and Osiris rule the inside of the pyramids.

The game has a free spins bonus, the option to buy a bonus feature, as well as the standard assortment of low and high symbols, as well as wild and scatter.

Additionally, there are win multipliers and a jackpot prize of 888x times the bet.

Giza Infinity Reels Facts and Figures

Upon launching the game, the starting reel-set consists of three reels and four rows. This layout remains as so until the next winning outcome. The game has the Infinity Reels determinant which says that there can be no end to the number of reels which the game can produce.

Literally, it is to infinity and back, however this kind of an outcome is theoretical and we don’t believe the random number generator could ever turn up an infinity number of wins in succession.

Speculating aside, this feature defines the game although it isn’t the only. The bets deem to play Giza Infinity Reels slots accessible to anyone who is willing to give it a try, with a small bet of only 20p per spin.

Giza Infinity Reels Slot Payouts

The number of symbols multiplies for the win

The payouts in the game are made on adjacent reels and winning outcomes consist of three or more matching symbols. The wild is there to substitute or complement to an existing win. There can be multiple outcomes from a single spin thanks not only to the infinity reels.

The values of the symbols are divided in minors and majors. In the first category you are going to find plenty of ceremonial objects: the ankh, the flail and cane, a lotus flower brooch, the eye of Horus, a feather and a ring. These pay either 1x or 2x.

Play Giza Infinity Reels with the coolest deities for its high-paying symbols: Osiris the falcon, Maahes the lion, Sobek the crocodile and Anubis the jackal. These pay 3x and 4x for each symbol in a win outcome.

The pyramid is the highest-paying symbol at 5x. Symbols pay starting from the leftmost reel, except this one, which is a scatter and pays anywhere on the screen.

Giza Infinity Reels Bonus Features

We’ll count the symbol multiplier as an extra feature, even though it comes with the Infinity Reels payout mechanism. Each new cycle the multiplier begins with 1x and for each consecutive win, the multiplier rises by 1x and there is no limit as to how big the multipliers can grow.

There is a free spins bonus in Giza Infinity Reels slot and it is triggered by the pyramid symbol, whenever it becomes part of a winning outcome. The resulting bonus starts you with 10 spins, but the kicker is, the multiplier does not reset when the free spins begin.

Each winning outcome that has resulted consecutively from the same spin, can accrue multipliers that are between 1x and 5x. Each non-winning spin decreases the multiplier -1x, but you can’t hit 0, it always stays at 1x.

The free spins get extra spins when any pyramid symbol win occurs during the bonus.

Giza Infinity Reels Free Spins Gamble

The game proposes you with a rather challenging choice: cash-in your free spins winnings or gamble them for a chance to render the amount won by 5x. The wheel takes you to the gamble game where each current multiplier adds an incremental value to the win.

The paytable states clearly the current multipliers and the winning and losing results. The chances of winning in the Giza Infinity Reels post free spins gamble bonus are also there, displayed as fractions.

Worth noting also is that there is a cap on the maximum win that can be made in this mode, and that figure is 10,000x times the bet.

Giza Infinity Reels Slot Jackpot

A option to buy a bonus feature exists, and is there to increases the chances at winning the game’s top prizes. This however costs, quite a sum. To buy a feature you need to press the square button to the left of the reels.

The “objective” for anyone who is plating the game with the hope of winning is to get 12 or more added reels. In the event the ensuing winnings are automatically boosted to a sum of 888x times the total bet.

Hit Rate

Even though the automatic jackpot upon scoring 12 consecutive reels is 888x, the game’s maximum payout potential is 10,000x times the bet. The volatility is between medium and high, which is a breath of fresh air amidst all the slots whose volatility levels are set to the highest. In other words, one needs not only play for the hope of getting the biggest wins there are. Medium sized winnings are just fine, thank you! The theoretical RTP of Giza Infinity Reels slot is 96.45%

Ready? Set! Play Giza Infinity Reels!

Those who are ready to enter the pyramid can load the game and press the spin button on the right side of the reels. Below that button is the menu, where you can choose the bet size, which is between £0.25 and £100.00 or in your respective currency. The menu button also contains the Giza Infinity Reels paytable and few settings.

Visual Appeal

There is a dynamic rhythm to this game, which is no surprise considering the Infinity Reels, courtesy of Relax Gaming and ReelPlay. The symbols have been solidly imagined and drawn and there are video effects that mark each even on the reels. In other words, it is a visually fulfilling game that can’t keep anyone bored.

Play the Giza Infinity Reels slots and anticipate the emergence of a lucky succession of reel multipliers. Claim a bonus to start.