Diamond Force slot

Max payout: 13,500x > Bonuses: Free Spins; Multipliers> Volatility: High> RTP 96.53% > Provider: Crazy Tooth |

Well, Diamond Force it isn’t quite the Incredible Four or the Avengers having a massive huddle-up before launching an attack against a massive villain, but it does involve superheroes that may as well save somebody’s world.

About Diamond Force Slot

The game was made by a group of terriffically loco slots makers at Crazy Tooth Studio out in Reno, Nevada who have made a number of ridiculously unique games, like The Incredible Balloon Machine, as one of the examples.

At any rate, Diamond Force slot is a force majeure when it comes to the gaming experience it can arrange for the players out there. With a maximum payout of more than 10,000x, we have a potentially thrilling thrashing of a city – in the name of good!

The high-paying symbols are stacked

Diamond Force Facts and Figures

Crazy Tooth Studio have taken to liking the four-row, five-reel format for this game and have fitted it with the ways to win payout system, which numbers 1024 payout possibilities from any given spin.

What is more, the game can pay left to right and the other way around, which is a welcome detail that could matter as you are playing along.

Interestingly, the range of bets is constrained to £10.00 as the maximum bet, while the smallest bet that lets you spin the drum is only 10p.

Diamond Force slots includes a specific payout feature that’s been trademarked for its name by Crazy Tooth. What Team-Up Reels means is, winning outcomes can combine in order to create new reels.

Diamond Force Payouts

The really fun part about the game is finding out that the symbol payouts are quite frail for the superheroes that are supposed to carry them away into your balance.

Another piece of the puzzle is that each of the superhero symbols pays the same amount, which is a staggering 0.2x times your bet. That’s quite for real! The low-paying symbols pay half that amount at 0.10x.

So what’s up with the Diamond Force paytable? It isn’t a glitch, but things aren’t that naive either. It’s not going to be like Crazy Tooth Studio or the online casino where you’d play the game allowing players to walk out of the theater, face down and gripes aplenty.

The reason for the low payouts are the features. Team-Up Reels™ is a way to get more payouts when the symbols combine to form a new reel which can lead to multipliers. Also, there is a wild symbol that can help out the payouts, although it only lands on reels one and five.

So, yes, you can stop worrying about the world when our superheroes with their Diamond Force capes are in town.

Diamond Force Bonus Features

Diamond Force bonus features
The free spins bonus can go for infinite retriggers

Here is how the trademarked payout system works. Land any outcome consisting of three or more stacked feature symbols to provoke a Team-Up. When this happens, the symbols responsible for the event make a whole new gameboard, where the symbols still carry payouts and this time, multipliers.

Each time the game triggers a full stack event, a new reel with three symbols is created that can attract win multipliers of 2x, 3x and 5x in return for a double, triple or quintuple outcome with the paying symbols.

Diamond Force slot has another bonus feature that can trigger with two or more scatter symbols, which by the way, come expanded on the reels, for some reason.

You’d be astounded too to find out that this event triggers an incredible three bonus spins. That’s right, not five, not ten – three! Yes, Crazy Tooth Studio like to keep things in suspense, so the Diamond Force free play free games adds more to the bonus.

If the stacked bonus symbol lands during the three free spins, the game adds a reel with three symbol rows, which is a new gameboard with bonus reels. This stacked symbol can add one, two or three extra spins, and multipliers of 2x, 3x or 5x to the new reel.

Diamond Force Slot Jackpot

How can the game possibly go about triggering 10,000x and more tims your bet with this layout and payout system? Our companions believe it’s only possible during the free spins bonus and with an optimum barrage of retriggering events and Team-Up Reels. That way, even the small symbol payouts can benefit of 5x multipliers if these occur multiple times.

It is possible for Diamond Force to enter a frenzy of free spins repeats, but what also helps in this regard is the all-ways-pays, which does payouts in any adjacent reel with at least three matching symbols. The game can pot a winning outcome on the middle three reels or starting on the fifth reel and moving on towards the third and fourth.

Hit Rate

Crazy Tooth Studio has given their creature a theoretical return to player of 96.53% while having the variance on the highest level. This makes possible big win outcomes, but small payouts are likely to mark the win events throughout the game. So players who are serious about waiting out for big wins on Diamond Force may as well try the range of bets that make for a low-stakes game, starting at only 10p.

Ready? Set! Play!

You can start spinning the reels by pressing the big curved arrow button in the bottom-right. The smaller circular button is for automatic play. Bets can be selected from the poker chips button and the paytable can be reached from the top of the buttons menu.

Visual Appeal

We’ve got quite an interesting design here. Lots of moving parts, lots of colors and light pervading the reels and symbols. The hero symbols have been created with attention to detail and may as well fit a big studio movie production.

Big wins are announced accordingly and a big diamond that reflects the faces of each of the superheroes drops on the reels when you’ve landed a hefty win.

Diamond Force slots is definitely a game most players can try at online casinos with free play slots. On the other hand, you can play Diamond Force with the smallest bet and check out the features and gameplay without spending too much on that initial run.

Either way players would want to go, the game is an interesting online slot made by an up and coming company.

Diamond Force Slot Review

Jackpot Safari

Extra Features


Awesome graphics and very dynamic spins. The bonus feature can be great, but you need to get as many scatters as possible.