Max payout: 30,338x > Bonuses: Free Spins; Respins, Expanding Symbols> Volatility: High> RTP 96.01% > Provider: Nolimit City|

About Book of Shadows Slot

Even though we all know that witches and magic spells were/are a wild imagination in our minds, there is always one – What if? … That is our inner child talking and if you want to you can entertain it by spinning on the Book of Shadows slot, produced by Nolimit City. 

Players will enter a world of witchcraft and mystery perfectly designed with foggy woods in the background, a cartoonish characters that are a bit spooky that are followed by an intense soundtrack and noises coming from the woods. While hearing the howl of a wolf you will see some interesting symbols, including pink Siamese cats, the young witch, Bighorn Aries, letters and of course the Book of Shadows itself. Did you know it is believed in Celtic Mythology that witches can shapeshift into a cat?!

Book of Shadows is spooky but super fun to play

Book of Shadows Facts and Figures

Until now, we chose games by volatility and RTP, but with Book of Shadows we have a game which gives you an opportunity to modulate the ranges however you wish. Nolimit city with an advanced game like this opens a new way of originating slots and we hope all games out there will be like this soon. 

So players can enjoy playing Book of Shadows slots knowing they have an option for extreme volatility. When we play a game with high volatility, we have chances for big wins but not so often. Of course, players can always play the same game by selecting medium or low volatility, however they prefer.

Book of Shadows comes with an RTP range between 96,01% and 96,19%, depends on how many rows are activated. Players can boost the number of rows by increasing the stake size.

Book of Shadows Slot Design

Nolimit City has put any effort into all the creative and technical details when we are speaking about the Book of Shadows. If you are a player who chooses slots by themes, the Book of Shadows slot offers you a mysterious world that is worth exploring.

Sometimes, players who are real slot enthusiasts have a sophisticated style and they prefer slots with high-quality graphics, with unique artistic style and finesse. The Book of Shadows offers this kind of a high-standard experience.

Players will be greeted by an ominous forest, while black cats run in the background and head skeletons lay down on the ground. Don’t shiver, just look to catch as many Book of Shadows symbols possible, because it is the highest paying symbol, used as a scatter and wild at the same time!

Play Book of Shadows

This is one of the best-produced games by Nolimit City, easy and fun to play, but on the other hand, it is also made in a way for all the expectations of the players to be satisfied. When you open the Book of Shadows you will see you have an option to choose with how many rows will you play, 3, 4, or 5, as we already said.

The Free Spins feature comes with a special symbol

Besides the fact this is a slot with advanced features, Book of Shadows is also easy to play. If the players wish to sit and watch while the slots are spinning on their own, there is an auto-spin button on the right side, while the paytable button is on the left side of the window.

The betting range is standard, going from 0,10$ to 100$, depending on the number of rows.

Let us explain into details, so you can know everything before you hit the spin button. If you choose an option with 5 lines and 3 rows, meaning you have 10 pay-lines and RTP of 96,01 you also can bet from 0,10$ to 100$, or if you play with 5 lines and 4 rows, you will have 15 pay-lines, RTP of 96,07 and bet range from 0,15$ to 150$. The last option is with 5 reels and 5 rows, 20 pay-lines, RTP of 96,19%, and bet range from 0,20$ to 200$.

Book of Shadows Slot Payouts

Book of Shadows comes with a decent range of prizes

Of course in all winnings luck is included, but there are some ways to get your chances for winning higher. First, you have to choose, make a decision will you play the Book of Shadows with high, medium, or low volatility, each choice is just fine, but you have to understand how it works.

For example, lets say you are a new player who doesn’t want to risk, which is alright because now you know what is your goal. Book of Shadows with low volatility means your chances for winning will show up frequently but the amount of money will be lower than playing it with high quality.

There are ten symbols included, starting 10-a royals, a young witch, a butterfly, an eyeball, a Siamese cat and Bighorn Aries. Of course, there is a sacred book symbol, representing the Book of Shadows and it is honored both as a wild and scatter symbol. Low pays, including letters and numbers, need at least three of a kind to win, while the premiums payout when at two or more line up.

Book of Shadows Bonus Features

When we talk about bonus features, we can say Book of Shadows in this sector also took a step forward by giving many interesting options to the player. Every time players win at Book of Shadows slot, the bonus offer is activated.

Three options are included, 50/50, Wheel of Bonus, or no bonus at all. two icons will appear on your right side at each winning, two cards, or a cash bag. If you choose the first one, a window will appear with the options 50/50, where you choose between two cards black or red and win more cash or lose your last win. On the other hand, if you choose Wheel of bonus a sacred pentagram with Bighorn Aries will appear, you need to click on the spin button and aim for the pointer to stop at the free spins sector.

So we can say playing Book of Shadows is an intense experience, unforgettable for sure, with so many options and offers for the players. If nothing else, players will have a lot of excitement and action, while hanging out with a creepy witchy crowd!

Ready? Set. Play!

We enjoy each game when it comes to slots, but this one caught our eye. When we saw we can make our own choices and take playing slots on another level we were full of excitement. Entering into the creepy world of Book of Shadows was a mesmerizing experience, it is a real adrenaline boost.

Book of Shadows Slot Review

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The game comes with the option to choose your number of rows, at a cost. This isn’t the most innovative feature, but it can add to the thrill of playing the game. The best part are the many extra features as these can often come into play.