Hot to Burn (Pragmatic Play)

Max payout: 250,000> Bonuses: Paying Scatter> Volatility: Medium> RTP 96.71% > Provider: Reel Kingdom|

About Hot to Burn Slot

Red hot sevens are Hot to Burn in this classical fruit machine made by Pragmatic Play. There is pokies aplenty in online casinos but some games are just more special than the other. This is one of those that has a perfect win frequency, return to player and volatility.

Hot to Burn slot has huge payout potential. You can hit an instant jackpot prize by landing the game’s special symbol in five positions across the reels, but it isn’t as simple as it looks because this symbol isn’t too keen on aligning on a payline very often.

In some respects the game’s volatility reminds of the Peggle slot, however, there is a different approach to the gameplay altogether. We’ll give a breakdown of what the volatility level means to slot pros, so players who are studying for a new game to play and are taking into consideration specifics, this Hot to Burn review may provide some hints.

Hot to Burn is a multiline slot with five paylines

Hot to Burn Facts and Figures

Wise people throughout history have esteemed simplicity as the key to true wisdom, so don’t be dissuaded by the five paylines. Any more lines would have disrupted a precious balance, we like to think and this is why this game has stood the test of time.

Pragmatic play has Hot to Burn decked out with three rows and five reels. Needless to say, the paylines are fixed so you can play the game with small bets of $, €, £ 0.05 and big bets that end at $, €, £ 250.00.

Hot to Burn Slot Payouts

There are only eight symbols in the game and the best thing about the paytable is that you can’t find a single winning outcome that pays less than the bet. Even the cherry symbol, which can pay for two of a kind, returns your full bet at 1x.

Out of the eight symbols on the Hot to Burn slot we’ll call two special or ‘extra’ symbols because they have extraordinary powers, so to speak. All other symbols are regular but can pay handsome amounts nevertheless.

Payouts for these symbols, which consist of cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, strawberries and watermelons, are between 1x and 100x your bet.

The game can trigger payouts across the entire five paylines because the mathematical model can enable ‘walls’ of matching symbols, whose payout combinations are collected on aggregate times the five paylines.

Hot to Burn Slot Jackpot

Most players who lurk around this game are angling for the big drop of five red hot sevens. If this symbol lands that many times on a payline, Hot to Burn slots pays out 1000x your bet. Four sevens pay 200x and three pay 20x.

The game can create symbol ‘walls’

Regardless of how easy it looks – five sevens on a payline – this is actually extremely rare to occur just on any sitting. The game has a mathematical model that can reward winning outcomes in crazy swings – from the smallest 1x to all the big wins that can pay 20x your bet or more. Since there are no symbol combinations that pay less than your wager, Hot to Burn isn’t too keen on doling out its cash in a short number of spins, so players, keep this in mind when playing and never wager more than what you can afford.

Hot to Burn Bonus Features

This is a simple game that is lacking a wild symbol, but it isn’t all bare bones actually because there is a scatter symbol. This symbol can pay anywhere on the reel set for three, four and five symbols, which trigger winnings of 2x, 10x and 50x your bet. As was said at the start, Reel Kingdom and Pragmatic Play had made a simple game and that means no win multipliers, no free spins, no wilds – and that’s exactly how classical slot players like their games.

Hot to Burn Hit Rate

We can gladly say that medium volatility is the perfect model for a game of five paylines. The game can make those fruits burn with a theoretical RTP of 96.71%, which is quite decent. We can’t pinpoint an exact hit rate and the production studio (Reel Kingdom) hasn’t provided that figure, but it seems like there is a wining outcome outside of 15 spins.

Ready? Set! Play!

Hot to Burn released by Pragmatic Play comes with standard gameplay buttons. Autoplay lets you program automated gaming. Plus and Minus buttons on the sides of the button ‘Spin’ let you determine the bet and the ‘i’ button is for the paytable which shows potential payouts according to the selected bet.

Visual Appeal

There is a lot of dross out there when it comes to fruit slots. Although it’s been made to appear simple, Hot to Burn is actually playable. Most fun is when you land a win, because the fruits do catch fire.

Hot to Burn Slot Review

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Extra Features


1000x is quite the prize and even though it drops rarely, there are other good payouts to anticipate while you play Hot to Burn slot.