You can consult with Alkazar the Wild magician about popping balloon animals and picking up plush toys with the crane arm. And if luck serves you right, you can win prizes that are quite amazing, because the maximum win potential of Ducks Till Dawn slot is a staggering 15,595x your bet.

Max payout: 15,595x > Bonuses: Free Spins; Multipliers> Volatility: high > RTP 97.91% > Provider: Kalamba|

This new online slot shall remain new regardless of the year because Kalamba Games has made it to stand apart from the run off the mill type of games that are impossible to avoid. So here is a tip about an online casino slot that you can play for a chance to beat the house with the help of several extra features.

The Facts and Figures for Ducks Till Dawn Slot

This is one of the best casino games released by this developer. We are confident that there will be more to come without a drop of a single iota in thrill and quality, but until the next game, let’s check out what on the table regarding Ducks Till Dawn.

The reel set consists of six reels and 4096 ways to win, which makes it apparent that winning outcomes are made in the adjacent reels style. This walk around the fairground doesn’t come cheap as the smallest amount that you need to shell out for a ticket is 60p per spin. The biggest bet costs £60.00 but you can replace the pound sign with a dollar if you are playing Ducks Till Dawn at a Canadian online casino. 

Ducks Till Dawn Payouts

Not too impressive, until the multipliers begin to factor-in

The game is about shooting up a place, but your target isn’t zombies but rather balloons and fluffy fellows. In return for three matching symbols that must land on adjacent reels from left to right, you can expect petty amounts, like pennies-petty. 

No slot player should be taken aback by this fact, unless you are a slop player, because Ducks Till Dawn slots comes with win multipliers that we’ll cover in a bit. So the most relevant numbers from a single symbol kind, without factoring in the win multipliers, range between 0.15x and 3x your bet and that symbol is the creepy doll.

One key detail is that you won’t see a draught of winnings because Ducks Till Dawn can pay for two matching symbols too, which is quite unusual in today’s slot games. 

Let’s not forget the turbaned persona from the read-your-fortune booth, which is the wild symbol. When it appears on a reel and there are matching symbols nearby, your future might be given a good reading for that turn.

Ducks Till Dawn Extra Features

This is a title that you should think twice before playing as a free slot game. Why? Simply because the features are pretty good and can turn your spin for the better. Combine the win multipliers with the win potential and the stunning hit rate, and you have a game that may do well by you.

Part of the gameplay here are the moving ducks and the crosshairs that sway to and from different positions on the reel set. Of course, if the target coincides with the bullet you win a cash prize in return. 

Now, Ducks Till Dawn can send multiple rubber ducks to the shooting range and if you get multiple bangs from the same spin, the game treats you to win multipliers. These can range between 2x and 200x. That latter amount is for getting six ducks in a row.

Free Spin Bonus

You can get free rounds by landing three or more scatter symbols. There are two bonuses and they are slightly different because of the multiplier potential in each one – that’s 5x for the first and 10x for the second bonus. What is more, the not so elusive win multipliers that can be gotten from shot ducks are still part of the game.

As for the number of free spins, it depends on the number of scatters. You don’t start with many, but if you get additional bonus symbols in the game, Ducks Till Dawn slot can prolong your stay on the Fairground fortunes for a more fortunate outcome.

Ducks Till Dawn Hit Rate

If you are decided to play casino games online and slots are your thing, this game may not catch your attention at the get-go, but do check it out because it has an excellent hit rate for a high potential game. Slot players can expect between 35 and 36% in terms of returns per number of spins. 

The RTP at its default is a sturdy and nowadays rarely seen 96.91%, that is, almost a full 97%. Unless you buy the paid feature, which bumps the return to player probability to 97.69%. What a funky number, but hey, it’s there and Kalamba Games has decided to let the high volatility take its course of action for a crack at the biggest of wins. 

Ready? Set, Play!

If it’s time to go carnival, you can choose your bet by pressing the button to the left of the bent arrow, which is the Spin button. Ducks Till Dawn slots has its autoplay option readily available from the bottom-left corner and there is the option for turbo spins.

The Hyper Bonus button is in the bottom left area and on the right side of the reel set are the win multipliers that can be rewarded if you shoot straight into the rubber ducks. 

Visual Appeal

It’s a pretty, grey game. The coma does the work there, but you can catch our drift. Ducks Till Dawn makes a ploy to make you reminisce of one famous Hollywood flick and indeed, it succeeds in grasping just a bit from that vibe. The symbols have been drawn pretty well and overall, it isn’t a sorry excuse for a slot game, rather, it is original enough to keep slots snobs from murmuring because it’s something that you can completely play as an online casino game, in terms of slots.

Ducks Till Dawn Slot Review


Extra Features


It’s a decent game to try, but the only thing it has going for the high-variance players is the duck shoot – rare to get but potentially lucrative.