Progressive Jackpots Guide

Progressive slots take up the smallest percentage of all of slots games out there, yet this category is very popular with online casino players. Those who have experience in the subject know that progressive slots have a life of their own. So for all the people who think that this life is worthy of exploring, we are going to provide a guide to progressive jackpot slots.

With the help of our progressive jackpots guide you will be able to recognize few characteristics that define a progressive jackpot slot:

it carries an enormous payout potential;

it is interlinked across multiple casinos ;

it displays the actual jackpot prize on a display;

this amount grows as you are playing the game.

Guide to Progressive Slots

Progressive jackpot slots are linked together. The same title of any given progressive game can be found at hundreds of online casinos, yet, the jackpot is kept in a single secure place on a single server. When a progressive jackpot hits, the lucky punter takes the cake along with the cherry on the top and the jackpot prize is reset back to the seed amount. 

The very basic facts about progressive online slots makes the idea of playing on one rather exciting. On the other hand, you can’t help asking the question, with the odds stacked so up high, why even bother playing a progressive jackpot slot when you can play any regular online slot for a chance to trigger a lucky big win with a small or moderate bet? 

This is where Jackpot Safari comes in with the best possible explanation why should anyone play progressive jackpot slots and how one should approach these games so as to be on the safe side of online casino gaming. 

Let’s go in our wayback machine and visit some ancient times. Gambling has been present among people since the earliest civilizations. There isn’t a single person in the world who isn’t, or hasn’t been obsessed with the phenomenon of chances and odds.

People in ancient civilizations had dice games, this we are sure about, but one can only guess about all the different things they could bet on. We today bet on who is going to win the presidential race in the United States or who is going to win an Academy Award for best supporting role.

It is quite possible that the Romans used to bet on their favorite gladiator and that the ancient Macedonians bet among one another which one in their lot would NOT come out alive from the next battle. 

Thankfully we have gotten more civil today and we have progressive jackpot games, so no one has to bet on their friend getting pawned in a chariot drive-by. But the question remains, why play progressive slots and better yet, how to play progressive slots?

Why Play Progressive Jackpots?

The why is easy: because you may have your lucky day that can turn into a lucky lifetime if, say, Mega Moolah slot smiles at you that one magical time. The pots of progressive games can swell up to absolutely incredible amounts and just the thrill of playing is a source of entertainment that you can’t buy in any shopping mall. 

Now then, how do you approach a progressive jackpot slot? 

Progressive slots tend to have regular payouts on a matching symbol win outcome, so it is ill advised to expect huge returns in the base game, although this is not entirely impossible. Hoping for a bonus feature to trigger early in the game may improve your odds at a big win. On the other hand there are so many standard online slots with generous free spins bonuses, so why bother with a progressive slot?

When Should You Play Progressive Slots?

Progressive slots should only be played with one thing in mind – the possibility of winning the pot, with ‘possibility’ being the key word here. None of the online slots pros on our team have won a progressive jackpot, and all of the few that play this category of slots like to approach their gams very casually. 

Playing a progressive slot is like buying a lottery ticket. You make the buy-in and you wait for the numbers to be drawn. It is the same thing with the slots. Depositing any amount of money that you will is going to get you a number of rounds on the progressive slot of your choice. You can play the lottery every single time there is a drawing or you can buy a ticket or few every now and then. Same applies to progressive slots. You should never chase the jackpot, instead, submit your wishes to the universe of odds and probabilities. If you are lucky, your figurative lottery ticket will be drawn. 

Casual players who play progressive slots will load up their game, make a number of spins and take a back seat until the next day when the idea crosses their mind. This way you avoid the danger of getting disappointed in the game and abandoning it all together, because you never know if you may have gotten lucky on the next sitting.