Big Progressive Jackpot Wins

If you have read up on our progressive jackpot wonk you’ll have it in your awareness that these are the type of online slots that pay the biggest cash prizes in the world of online casinos. Many people wonder what are some of the prizes that have been won. Most progressive jackpot winners choose to remain anonymous (for all the obvious reasons). However, the sums of money that people have won are in the public domain so that regular mortals such as us here can gloat, or rejoice in their fortunes, whichever outlook on life you can maintain.

Jokes aside, winning on any of the progressive jackpots slots is a serious matter, because one of you can get ‘stuck’ with a seven-digit sum in a bank balance. Yikes! But how much of a yikes is this really? Let’s take a look at some of the progressive jackpot wins.

Progressive Jackpots at Safe Online Casinos

Online slots with prizes of this kind can be found at those online casinos that we consider ‘safe’ and ‘good’. Doesn’t matter if you are playing at a UK online casino or anywhere else, two boxes must be checked: one, that your jurisdiction allows online gambling either in your country or from your country into another jurisdiction; and two, you must ensure that you are playing at an online casino with real money and that casino isn’t a rogue one, doesn’t list its domicile jurisdiction, doesn’t have a license number and so on.

We’ll stay on check-box number two just to clarify a couple of other things. The so called rogue casinos may provide progressive jackpot games that boast of huge prizes, with the ticker and all, but are in fact unknown to the slots experts out there. Even if you win a prize, be it a progressive jackpot or a standard one, that particular site that doesn’t meet the criteria of a safe casino, may not even honor the payout! Thankfully you have this online casino and slots reviews portal with all of the information about playing online progressive slots at safe online casinos.

What Are Overdue Progressive Jackpots?

In the progressive jackpots glossary there is the term ‘overdue jackpot’ which refers to the ‘ripeness’ of the progressive amount. In other words, when the ultimate jackpot prize has been won, that online slot goes back to the seed amount and starts again from there. With each non-winning bet, the game adds to the top prize. Any given online slot has to eventually ‘drop’ the big win. It does not matter whether you are playing at a UK online casino or a German online casino, if that venue has the title, it will be linked across that progressive slot realm. This is how the jackpot prize is being fed with money every single passing minute, until it ‘drops’.

The overdue jackpot is a sum of money that passes a certain threshold, after which it will be more likely to turn up the jackpot-winning outcome of symbols. The prizes that have been won on these games range from overly ripe progressive amounts, to wins that can be qualified as moderate by the standard of this class of jackpot slots, which are still in the six-figure area and leaning towards the one mil.

Biggest Progressive Jackpot Wins

Just in case you’ve done some research about the sizes of progressive jackpot wins, you may have noticed that these vary wildly. Some places place information that they haven’t corroborated against online casino media releases that had reported on the event of a progressive jackpot having been won. Here we have a number of winning amounts and the respective game listed.

Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot

The prize that broke the previous record was a whole £13.2 million, won by a British man in his mid 20’s. Microgaming made much fanfare about the face because the person didn’t mind being identified. His name is Jonathon Heywood, from Cheshire, England and at the time he was listed with the British Army reserves. Jonathon, who drove a Fiat Punto at the time, had dreamed about driving a Bentley, and he made a Bentley Continental GT the first wish he would grant to himself following the then record-breaking progressive win of £13.2 million.

Then, to start 2019 with a huge bang, a man in canada saw $20 CAD won on the same game. In terms of sheer numbers, this is the biggest sum of money won on the Mega Moolah slot, but because of the conversion rate, it isn’t the biggest win ever. Converted to British pound, this lucky Canadian punter had won £11.4. Between then and the win cited above by Jonathon Heywood, the progressive jackpot went back to the seed amount, however it went on to rise between £50,000 and £120,000 each day.

However, the record prize of €18.9 million, which dropped on September 28, 2018 was yet to be broken. This prize is the world-record to this day, as no one has been that lucky to win an overdue jackpot of this amount. This leaves Mega Moolah as the biggest-paying progressive jackpot slot in the world, and one that remains a favorite to millions of players around the world. It is a confirmed fact that the jackpot prize on this game has been previously triggered with bets of only 0.25, despite that playing higher hands increases the chances of winning the big prize.

Mega Fortune Dreams Progressive Jackpot

Mega Fortune Dreams is one of those progressive jackpot slots that can pay amounts in the millions. Its popularity has enabled this game to reach moderately big jackpots that can range between one and five million pounds, dollars or euro. The biggest win on this game to date is €5,5 million and it fell in July, 2017.

There have been several other huge wins close to that one. Mega Fortune Dreams can trigger the ultimate winning outcome only in the bonus game. This is where the players have a chance to win one of three jackpots by spinning the wheel of fortune, which progresses through the jackpot prizes.

In this manner, players have won between €1,6 million and the prize above. There have been more than seven wins of more than €4.0 million. We need not be reminded  that winning even the smallest registered win on this game is a huge pile of cash to be had and enjoyed.

Arabian Nights Progressive Jackpot

This is one of those progressive jackpot slots that people play less frequently compared to the above, but that doesn’t make it any less attractive. Arabian Nights slot is won at intervals that are typical for progressive slots: between five and ten times a year. The top payouts are comparably lower, but a handful of cash nevertheless.

Online casinos with Arabian Nights slot have rung up the progressive jackpot win to amounts around $,€,£ 1.0 million. The jackpots that are higher-up, or the so-called ripe jackpots, have brought more than $,€,£ 3.0 million to few lucky punters. That places the median payouts around $,€,£ 2.0 million which is a huge sum. Notable is the minimum bet in this game, which is only ten pennies.