So You’ve Won a Progressive Jackpot

If you are that one in a million players who win a multiple casino linked progressive jackpot, the first thing on your mind is “What happens next?”

After you’ve pinched yourself to see if all this is real and after the fifth or sixth long look at the screen to make sure that it is indeed a progressive jackpot prize that you had just won, the next step will be getting that money into your account. 

One thing that players should know from the start is, you aren’t going to see any of that money in the next seven to ten days. This is because the maker of the game that provided the jackpot prize needs to perform a number of checks. 

let’s say the jackpot dropped on the Mega Moolah slot. That means, the event will be first confirmed by Microgaming because the game rests on their premises, from where it is distributed across all of the online casinos that have it.

Once the developers have confirmed that the algorhitm has triggered the progressive jackpot prize, the casino will be given the green light to begin the process of ensuring that the player hasn’t won on an abused bonus, that the name and last name belong to a real person, that there is a valid banking account, and so on. 

The fortunate player who’d won the prize can use the money in their casino balance to continue playing online slots or casino games, but they can’t immediately withdraw that balance.

Depending on the online casino where the win had occurred, a system of rules will determine whether the prize can be paid out in full or if the player will receive monthly installments, or chop up the sum total in several tranches. 

Whatever the decision of getting this money into the account, the game’s progressive prize starts from whatever the seed amount is. The winner may continue playing on the same game and win the jackpot again at any point in time, but what would be the odds of that?

There is a bizarre thing that happens to people who win huge sums of money. let’snot forget that progressive jackpot slots that are networked acrosss multiple casinos tend to pay in the millions, sometimes double figure millions. It isn’t too difficult to imagine the total shock of realizing that you now have that kind of money at your disposal.

Sadly too many people have ruined their own lives because of this sudden change of fortunes. It is to our most earnest  interest to warn people, if you ever win an incredible sum of money, take it easy! Perhaps don’t even quit your job whilst not telling anyone what had happened. 

You want to make sure that you sit down with a financial advisor and plan things out because tht money can disappear quickly, depending on your appetites and intentions. It is best to be very, very, extremely smart about it and that will require making some serious decisions and sticking to a plan, of sorts. 

Once you have set in place checks and balances pertaining to your wealth, you won’t be quick to rush into binge-whatevers and put your health in jeopardy.

this is what we would do if anyone that’s part of Jackpot Safari makes it big on a progressive jackpot slot. that’s why we like playing progressive slots few minutes each week of the year.

if you become a big winner and you’ve taken some of our advice – hey – buy us a coffee, we’ll happily take a round of pints too 🙂

Wish you best of luck, and remember: when the fun stops you stop!